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Rescue Stories

SCAR has done lots of amazing work for our community. Saving the lives of so many pets. Here are the stories of some of those great rescues!

Ricky was rescued from a backyard where his fur grew matted and full of fleas. He was then fully shaved and treated.He was adopted and his hair grew back beautifully. He is now getting lots of awards for smell and agility courses. 

Rosie was dumped and later hit by a car and left to die. With everyones kind donations, we were able to raise $4,000 to get her the surgery and care she needed. She did suffer from nerve damage which led to needing to amputate her leg. She has fully recovered and is now adopted!
Timmy and Tony are brothers, their owner passed away and left them in bad condition. They had severe matting and skin issues due to their owners placing diapers. We rescued them and they are both recovered after care from their foster. They are both happily adopted!
Holly was found in Salinas covered in fleas. She was taken to a shelter very scared. We rescued her from the rescue and treated her. She recovered perfectly and got adopted!
Lunulata had an amazing recovery from 7 weeks when we rescued her to when she was adopted. She is now happy with her new family. This all wouldn't be possible without the care from her foster!
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