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Foster Agreement

Thank you for choosing to foster rescued dogs for South County Animal Rescue (“SCAR”). The number of dogs/cats rescued by SCAR is directly related to the number of SCAR foster homes, so your willingness to open your home and heart to one or more foster dogs/cats creates the space for us to rescue more dogs/cats in need.  We understand fostering a dog/cat is a big responsibility. If you have any problems or concerns, please let us know. We have lots of experience handling a variety of issues that arise when caring for rescued dogs/cats, so it is likely we can help you resolve any problems or concerns you have to your satisfaction. 

If not, we will happily take the dog/cat back into our care. While you are never “stuck” with a foster dog/cat, please understand that should you wish to return a foster dog/cat, it may take a few days before we can make alternative arrangements.

Terms and Conditions


1. That he/she does not have any right or authority to keep Foster Dogs/Cats at any location other than the address listed on the application or to place Foster Dogs/Cats in any other home, including another foster home, or with any other individual unless prior consent is given by SCAR. 

2. That it is necessary for record keeping, appointments, public information, etc. to refer to Foster Dogs/Cats by the names assigned by SCAR. Foster agrees to refer to his/her Foster Dogs/Cats by their assigned names for all business purposes, including in social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) and at adoption events. 

3. That many rescue dogs/cats are escape artists, and are especially prone to escape when in a new environment and when left alone. Foster agrees to keep Foster Dogs/Cats as indoor companions and to keep Foster Dogs in a fenced yard, a fenced area approved for free-running dogs, or on a leash when outside; Foster agrees not to leave Foster Dogs outside when no one is home. Foster agrees to contact SCAR immediately if a Foster Dog is lost or stolen. 

4. That it is necessary that SCAR be able to contact Foster concerning Foster Dogs/Cats and SCAR business. Foster agrees to return phone calls, texts or email messages from SCAR within 24 hours and to notify SCAR in the event any change occurs in the address or contact information listed above. 

5. That it is necessary for Foster to bring Foster Dogs/Cats to adoption events or to allow SCAR to make alternate transportation arrangements for such events so that Foster Dogs/Cats may find their forever homes. Foster agrees to facilitate Foster Dog/Cat adoptions outside of regularly scheduled adoption events by making Foster Dogs/Cats available upon reasonable request. 

6. That SCAR will provide food for Foster Dogs/Cats upon request and that necessary equipment such as a crate or kennel will be loaned to Foster for Foster Dogs/Cats upon request, providing such equipment is available. Foster agrees that any such equipment loaned to him/her remains property of SCAR and agrees to immediately return such equipment, in good condition (subject to normal wear and tear) at the end of the foster period, or sooner if demanded by SCAR. Foster agrees that if any loaned items are lost, stolen, or damaged beyond use or repair as a result of Foster’s negligence, Foster will promptly pay SCAR to replace the item with like quality. Foster acknowledges and understands that SCAR will not pay for or reimburse Foster for food, treats, toys or other supplies necessary for the normal daily care of Foster Dogs/Cats without the prior consent of SCAR. 

7. That SCAR and its officers and volunteers cannot predict or guarantee the actions, behavior, or disposition of Foster Dogs/Cats. Foster acknowledges and understands that although every effort has been made to assess the temperament of Foster Dogs, they are living creatures and may act unpredictably in any given situation. Foster agrees to take reasonable precautions to prevent accidents and guard against unpredictable actions by Foster Dogs, and to notify SCAR within 2 hours of any bite or other injury inflicted by Foster Dogs upon a person or domestic animal, including one of Foster’s own pets.

 8. That SCAR and its officers and volunteers cannot guarantee Foster Dogs/Cats are free from illness, parasites or pests, some of which may pose a danger to the health of people or other pets. Foster agrees to notify SCAR as to any Foster Dog/Cat health problems. Foster further acknowledges and understands that SCAR has the exclusive right to determine the proper course of action to take upon such notification. 

9. That SCAR will coordinate with Foster the veterinary appointments at a time and day convenient for the foster, utilizing the SCAR approved veterinary partners. Foster agrees to contact SCAR immediately if a Foster Dog/Cat becomes injured or ill or needs emergency veterinary care. 

10. That SCAR retains legal control of Foster Dogs/Cats and Foster is not authorized to make any legal or medical decisions on behalf of Foster Dogs/Cats or to incur any costs on behalf of SCAR without the express consent of SCAR.

11. That SCAR retains the right, in its discretion, for any reason, to take and retain physical possession of Foster Dogs/Cats at any time. Foster agrees to release Foster Dogs/Cats to SCAR upon verbal and/or written demand.

12. That if he/she is authorized to process the adoption of a Foster Dog/Cat, he/she will take all reasonable care to ensure the adopters have read and understand the adoption agreement and that the agreement is signed by adopters and the full amount of the adoption fee is collected before permitting the adopters to take possession of the Foster Dog/Cat. Foster further agrees to transmit immediately to SCAR the adopted dog’s adoption fee and the fully executed adoption contract (if not submitted electronically).  

13. Foster agrees not to alter in any way the appearance of Foster Dogs/Cats without written permission from SCAR.


14. Foster agrees to keep a collar on Foster Dogs/Cats at all times and to affix to the collar a SCAR identification tag, which will be provided to Foster upon request.

15. Foster agrees to complete the weekly “Foster Check-in Form” so that SCAR representatives can stay informed on the progress of your foster. 

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