Lucy & Jaxx
She was found on the median on Castroville Blvd, starving and terrified. A Good Samaritan picked her up, hoping to find her owner. No one came. I saw her sweet face on Social Media and immediately fell in love. I told them to contact me if no one came for her. No one did. Jaxxy is what we call a 'Foster Fail'... I was supposed to just be fostering her for the rescue, but I fell in love, broke my own rules and now Jaxxy gets to be with me forever. My heart is full.

Terri, Rick & Mollie
Mike and Mollie - Queenie/collie mixes - were found wandering the streets of King City. They were rescued by SCAR and came to Solace to be safe and away from the streets. Mike found a home rather quickly. We then discovered that Mollie was pregnant and all 11 pups were born at Solace. After they were weaned, Mollie went off to her forever home with Teri and Rick. All 11 pups were happily homed.
Elsie & Angie
Romeo & Shea
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