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Adoptable Animals

All adoptable animals are up to date with vaccinations, spayed/neutered, and microchipped. If interested please fill out a application and we will contact you with more information. Visit our pages on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates on adoptable pets! 

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Dottie (F)

 Dottie is a 2 or 3 year old Husky mix. She has been in foster care through South County Animal Rescue since February. Dottie is an absolute love! She is happiest snuggling with her people and getting pets and scratches. She might be part lap dog!


Dottie is excited to see other dogs on walks, but listens to “leave it” and keeps walking. She is particular about who she shares her space with and would do well as an only dog or with a respectful dog who understands boundaries. Within two weeks, she bonded with the resident retriever. They play really well together. Dottie will give a quick bark when she needs space, but she's never shown any aggression. She initially showed some protectiveness of toys, but that only lasted about a week. She has never show aggression or protection over food. She happily eats her meals in the kitchen with my retriever and cat.


Dottie was initially too interested in my cat and would chase after her, but she never tried to nip or bite her. After about two months, she stopped chasing the cat and by three months, both dogs and the cat could relax on the couch together.


She shows minor separation anxiety, but a Kong toy filled with peanut butter is usually enough to distract her and keep her calm when foster leaves. She has counter surfed in the kitchen and chewed small holes in blankets. She might benefit from crate training to help counter separation anxiety. Dottie only gets into things when home alone.


Dottie would do well with another dog that she could follow.


She loves to play fetch, but only with a soft, squeaky toy. She's shown no interest in tennis balls. She needs a fenced area where she can run free to get her occasional zoomies out. She loves to run and play with the resident dog, but also calms down and relaxes well.


She has never tried to jump over the fence or dig under it. She occasionally will dig a small hole in the garden, usually to lay in.

Simba lounging.jpg


Simba, 3-year-old male


Simba is a three-year-old male cat with large gray patches against pure white fur. He has been in foster care with South County Animal Rescue (SCAR) since March. Simba is looking for a patient adopter willing to accommodate his sensitive personality and behavioral traits.


Simba is a talkative boy who enjoys being around people and was the only cat in his first home. While living in an indoor environment, he developed a desire to be outdoors, so his humans designed an enclosed patio for him. Despite spending hours outside each day, Simba still seemed unhappy. Eventually, his humans made the difficult decision to place him in a barn cat environment so he could have more time and freedom outdoors. Unfortunately, Simba did not adjust well to being a barn cat and eventually came to S.C.A.R. in hopes of finding a new home.


Simba is looking for a home with parents experienced in working with cats with correctable behavioral challenges, or a willingness to learn. Simba genuinely enjoys being around people, and always comes to greet his fosters when they enter the room. However, he has also displayed some play aggression by stalking and pouncing on his only playmates, his humans. Simba has also periodically shown petting-induced aggression, which means that when he becomes overstimulated after being petted repeatedly in the same spot for too long, he will nip to stop the petting. These behaviors may be due to insufficient socialization at a younger age or from being the runt of the litter. Still, Simba clearly loves his humans, and is constantly rubbing up against and talking to them.  Every evening, Simba will climb into his foster’s lap for his daily lap nap.


Simba is not aggressive with other cats and is hesitant to engage with other cats. He also no longer has any interest in going outdoors. Simba would probably do best in an adult-only household with people happy to let him come and go on his own schedule, but still engage in play time with him regularly and give him daily lap time. If you can offer patience and compassion, Simba will be a loving, affectionate companion.



Piper is looking for her forever home. She is a three year old mixed breed, possibly beagle and shepherd. She is available through South County Animal Rescue (SCAR) she has a lot of love to give. She walks well on a leash and loves her long walks. She is completely potty trained and crate trained. She loves riding in a car. She would do well with an active female or couple. She would do best with kids 10 years and up. She tolerates cats and has been friendly meeting other dogs. She would love for her forever family to spend lots of time with her at home.


Cruz (F)

Cruz was a pregnant feral who we rescued because she is very loving and friendly. She is a Tortoiseshell cat, with golden eyes. When you call her name she will chirp. She can be silly, out of no where she will zoom around in the living room. She enjoys cat nip, lasers, sitting on the top of the couch and bird watching. She likes to hide in tunnels and lay in her scratch pad bed. She always wants to know what you are eating even if she doesn't want to taste it. She doesn't mind the sound of a vacuum. Loves being around animals (dogs are her favorite), children and adults. She enjoys her space, she doesn't like to be held or touched very often but she does love to be in your presence. She is a beautiful cat with lots of love to give. She is 1 and a half years old. 



Our parvo-survivor pups Sonoma and Solano are now with our temporary foster and are thriving! These pups are BIG puppies and will be big dogs. They are so sweet and get along with all the resident dogs perfectly! They've even made themselves comfortable on their foster human's bed with the rest of the dogs! Sonoma is about 40 lbs. Solano is about 50 lbs. The pups are about 7 months old. The shelter described them as mastiff/English bulldog mix. They are adorable!

Sonoma (female) and Solano (male with white on face) are still looking for their forever homes! Do you love big dogs? Do you have the time and energy for a big puppy? Would you like to meet Sonoma or Solano?

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